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Home Staging to sell

Home Staging to sell - Today 95% of the first impression is based on pictures on the internet .A potential buyer will be attracted to a staged homes in his first 90 seconds of looking.There are a few steps in staging your home. Let me help you with the process.

Option 1- consultation-a 11/2 hour walk through of your home room by room creating a list of recommendations that will help sale your property faster.

Option 2 - 11/2 hour consultation and a 2 hour staging day to rearrange your furniture, accessories and create an attractive picture perfect home.

Option 3- 11/2 hour consultation,2 hour staging day and a rental of accessories for the duration of your listing time to highlight your property.

Option 4-1/12 hour consultation, a 2 hour staging day with rental furniture and accessories.

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