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The Full Package- Stage to Sell-Move-Stage for Living


This package is from start to finish - from your current home to your new one I will stage to sell - measure , make floor planning for new place with current furniture or new furniture .You can decide if any other services are necessary like paint , furniture selection, lighting, window treatments.

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The Full Package


These are pictures of the house my client was moving from . She was down sizing from a house to a condo. We walked room by room selecting what we want to move to the new house furniture,art, lamps, rugs and accessories .


I visited the new house went room by room taking measurements planning what furniture can fit and mapping out where everything will be placed .


I will come to the new house for a two hour time slot on moving day . I will direct the movers where to place the main items like rugs, sofas, beds, cabinets,

desk or any other large items . This will help with placement of every items in the right position.


After you have unpacked your boxes we will schedule a one and a half hours staging day.

I will come and stage your new house ,arrange your accessories, lamps, hang pictures and mirrors (up to a certain weight limit )and modify any small furniture positioning.


In addition I offer more services like selection and sizing of light fixtures ,window treatments, ceiling fans, linen selection and much more.

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